NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance is a gathering of individuals diligently working towards developing the most cohesive and unified circle of assigned officials, judges, promoters & expeditors displaying fair diplomacy & camaraderie to promote interest to educate and guide aspiring NPC Puerto Rico amateur athletes to excel within their respective NPC disciplines. This core nucleus group will oversee and cultivate the growth & expansion of NPC Puerto Rico memberships while the NPC competitors climb the NPC ladder ascending to the NPC National level and onto the IFBB Pro League stage.


NPC Athletes Rules and Qualifications ~ Building in strength

Must be in good standing as a current NPC Cardholder.

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NPC Puerto Rico Creed & Motto

"Being an official, representative or an athlete of the NPC, the National Physique Committee is an honor and privilege to be able to instruct, guide and inspire individuals of all walks of life on and off of the fitness stage. The value of dedication and perseverance and the appreciation of these characteristics will be shown by the NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance through respect, leadership and fair and unbiased judging along with impeccable sportsmanship at all designated NPC venues. Reciprocation & loyalty will be exchanged from official to athlete and vice-versa with the common thread that as one, NPC Puerto Rico will be a well bonded international community of strength & integrity. The NPC Puerto Rico Allegiance will carry the competition torch proudly as President Jim Manion, himself would prefer for all of us to do."

NPC Puerto Rico District Chairman
Tim Gardner
NPC Puerto Rico Vice-Chairman
Bubby Lupo
NPC Puerto Rico Resident Vice-Chairman
Yanira Rodríguez
NPC Puerto Rico Promoters
Shawn Rhoden
Oscar Gan
Carlos Rodríguez
Son Tran
Jose Santiago
Adela Garcia
NPC Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Relations
Eileen Monrouzeau
NPC Puerto Rico Judges
Juancarlos Vega
Johnny Orta