October 14, 2016

As we are deeply entrenched in the fourth quarter of the 2016 IFBB & NPC season, I sit quietly on an American Airlines early morning flight to Omaha, Nebraska reflecting back on quite the whirlwind of a successful year thus far. The opportunities given by Jim Manion to the Tim Gardner Productions Tour Bus have been quite the enjoyable experience for myself, Eileen & our Elite Team. With each event being so unique in its own respective demographics, the rewards have been fruitful with the receptive response of the athletes, officials and fans in attendance. Always a learning curve as our various shows grow in popularity, new dimensions are added to attract more fitness interest as we go and the growing pains' lessons which we endure as we expand. We proudly find that the common denominator of our events is the satisfied feedback and the solid branding of a top notch IFBB and NPC production. Eileen and I would like to warmly recognize all of those individuals who have made our journey a smoother one - from our Elite Team to all of the officials who have spent their weekends at our shows. Your dedicated efforts have undoubtedly made us shine within the fitness industry. A major thank you to Jake, Kristal Wood, Brian Tosko and the entire Wings of Strength team for their continued support and enabling us to showcase the athletes in the fashion that we do. Much appreciation to all of the vendors who have sponsored our events this year. The synergistic energy from your companies adds much excitement for the fans along with our competitions and expos.

With four shows remaining, we look to finish the year with a bang; two NPC Florida panhandle shows, our inaugural and heavily anticipated IFBB Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Pro/NPC Champion Harbor Classic and lastly, our grand finale with our NPC Puerto Rico Championships just one week before the NPC Nationals in Miami. As crazy at it seems, we are currently very diligent at our Tim Gardner Productions Headquarters in efforts to make 2017 even better.

Many exciting things are on the horizon for our industry and look for the upcoming season to be a banner one. With much gratitude, we count every blessing. Remember, make today better than yesterday.

Yours in IFBB & NPC,

September 12, 2016

What an incredible Wings of Strength RISING PHOENIX World Championship Weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona for everyone involved!! An elated Olympia Head Judge, Sandy Williamson praised and loved the idea of showcasing an ALL IFBB Pro Women event a week before leading into the Olympia. Jake & Kristal Wood, Brian Tosko Bello, the entire Wings of Strength staff & the Elite Team of Tim Gardner Productions rolled out the red carpet at the Talking Stick Resort & Casino for the all of the IFBB athletes competing.

The fans were entertained from start to finish at this plush hosting venue with conference meetings, health and wellness seminars along with vendor booths targeting the interest of women of all fitness levels. 8x Ms. Olympia Legend, Lenda Murray along with IFBB Pro & Industry Standout, Shannon Dey most elegantly hosted this event from the podium. Much appreciation to our presenting title sponsor, Olympian Whitney Jones & Damian Segovia of Pro Physiques for their support of this show. The contest theme of "Rebirth" and the turn to a "New Look" in women bodybuilding stayed consistently strong with excitement and energy throughout the Arizona weekend.

With the "Foundation" set and the direction moving in a positive & inspirational manner, women bodybuilding is grasping a foothold back into the industry. With the support of Jim Manion, Wings of Strength, Sandy Williamson, the IFBB athletes & fans, wonderful things appear to be on the horizon to continue showcasing not only IFBB & NPC women bodybuilding but all of the female divisions as a whole.

Yours in IFBB & NPC,

July 25, 2016

Eileen and I are on our early morning Southwest flight back to our Tampa office from Baltimore. What an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday visit by the Inner Harbor that we experienced after a heavily packed last three weeks which encompassed six days of Chicago for our record breaking IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza National Qualifier, three days in Puerto Rico for Adela Garcia's NPC Battle of the Island, four days in Pittsburgh at Gary Udit's NPC Masters Nationals and three days slated for the Inaugural IFBB Grand Prix of Baltimore Pro & Fitness Expo. Promoter Boris Boradin rolled out the red carpet for the judges with a plush venue and host hotel in a very competitive IFBB Pro event of open men bodybuilding, bikini and men physique divisions. It was a special treat for myself as the IFBB Pro Head Judge to work closely with Mr. Olympia Promoter, Robin Chang with this first time event. We look forward to Mr.Boradin's Baltimore show to grow considerably in the upcoming years.

We are anxiously and diligently up camp for our 9th Annual Wings of Strength IFBB PBW Championships Tampa Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza National Qualifier to kick off August. On deck, we return to San Antonio with great expectations of our IFBB San Antonio Pro & NPC Tim Gardner San Antonio Extravaganza National Qualifier. The third week in August will send us to an IFBB Pro Head Judging post in Atlanta for Ty "Rope" Felder's IFBB Coastal USA and then we shall wrap up with more IFBB & NPC judging at the IFBB Naples Sports Festival Pro-Am.

My heart is warm in how our TEAM BODY*TECHers & BODY*TECH BABES proudly stood on stage at this year's NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh. Maria Flores-Cooper, Tab Hunter, Justin Edwards and Baxter Greene led our troops with their convincing placings within the top five of their respective divisions. Bart Mauldin, Tia Hunter, Stephanie Collins accomplished top ten spots while Darlene Shuman and Laurie Tarazona just missed finishing in those slots. Good STUFF!!

Personally, over the span of this weekend, I have set a milestone goal for myself; almost dreamlike. Now it is time to practice what I often lecture on; Dream to Achieve. Well, we are off to make TODAY better than yesterday...

Yours in IFBB & NPC,

July 11, 2016

American Airlines, up, up and away to Charlotte, North Carolina to head judge the IFBB & NPC Charlotte Europa Games Get Fit & Sports Expo. What an amazing blur of IFBB & NPC excitement for the last five weeks of Spring from Puerto Rico, Toronto, Chicago, back to Puerto Rico, New Orleans and then a return trip to the Windy City for a FIREWORKS of a record breaking 5th Annual IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza National Qualifier. From the time the Elite Team crew of Tim Gardner Productions landed, they hit the ground running and executed a flawless Chicago FIT & FLEX Expo Weekend. I could not be any more grateful of this unit's cohesiveness.

On deck, Boricua Times at the inaugural NPC Adela Garcia Battle of the Island National Qualifier in Puerto Rico. As the NPC Puerto Rico Chairman, it is quite gratifying to see the continued growth and interest from the Puerto Rican athletes. The following week, we will be wearing dual hats as coach in Pittsburgh's NPC Masters Nationals with a very experienced veteran group of nine TEAM BODY*TECHers and then a quick hop to Baltimore to head judge the IFBB Baltimore Grand Prix.

We are projecting record numbers for our 9th Annual Wings of Strength IFBB PBW Championships Tampa Pro & NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza to be held the first week in August. Our goal is to exceed our current IFBB record of 228 IFBB athletes. We are also looking to create quite the frenzy in late September as we introduce the FIT & FLEX Expo in conjunction with the 17th Annual NPC Hurricane Bay & Typhoon Bay Championships. There will be a wide array of sports & fitness activities with events such as powerlifting, Strong Man, Tri-Fitness, wrestling, caged MMA, art of grappling, martial arts, NFL Alumni, IFBB Hurricane Pro & much more.

Wishing much success to the IFBB Pros and NPC athletes preparing for their respective competitions in the upcoming months. Try not to lose sight of the experience of your journey and remember that good sportsmanship is key. You never know who is really watching you or is in earshot of your words. Simplify matters by working hard for your goals without hidden agendas or excuses. I promise the rewards will be bountiful.

Yours in IFBB & NPC,